Game Sausage Spice Mixes/Fish Brines

These spice blends are the “originals,” read the “history” section of our web site. I developed them to compliment the complex, earthy flavor of game meat. If you are fortunate to be in a hunting area that has antelope, that meat makes the BEST breakfast sausage.

These spice blends are not what I use for my regular pork or buffalo/pork sausages. Different “taste in the meat” different quantities of each spice in the blend, BUT THE SPICE BLEND IS THE SAME JUST DIFFERENT QUANTITIES. ! Sometimes our Hungarian paprika will cake, we don’t buy spices with additives in them, only natural. If you see little red balls in the mix crush them with a spoon.

You’ll need 17 pounds of game meat per package and 6 pounds of pork meat, preferably Boston butt—meat to fat rate is perfect. Blending and mixing instructions are on back of package. You must use the entire package at one sausage mixing. The packages where the spices are not ground fine are quite difficult to mix together sufficiently to divide and retain reliable flavoring. Each bag is measure & filled individually to ensure consistency of our mix.

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