How it all began…

In the late spring of 2006 my youngest son, Peter T., challenged me to make sausages, “Pop we have so much game in the freezer and hunting season is fast approaching. Why don’t you make some game sausages for us?” And my response, “I’ve never made a sausage in my life, doesn’t mean I can’t, just that I haven’t”


So, the challenge began, and I do love challenges, especially in the kitchen. I started out with a very small meat grinder, a big bowl to hand mix the meat and a 5 pound sausage stuffer. Recipes flew around the kitchen like moths to a fire, every day I was creating a new recipe. The difficult part was extracting from all these recipes a formula and spice weight consistency that would work. Way too much salt, it took me years to get that right. And way too much hot pepper for me and not enough for anyone else, thanks to my son and his young friends the chili peppers found their right place in the sausages and meatballs. 

Fresh garlic, you want to know it’s there but not bite into a piece of it. What is that strange taste, oops too much marjoram—thanks to David Sylvester our Montana meat Inspector I found the cure. Mamma mia even our state political system can be a help, sometimes, instead of a constant party of “NO”. The “feel” of the meat in your mouth, chunky not pasty. I wasn’t making bologna I was making fresh Italian sausages. Feel is so important when consuming food, second only to taste, like roasting my meatballs before putting them into the sauce.  Doesn’t change their taste but the “feel” is so much better.

A picture of the consumers of all my mistakes and thank God I had them to eat all that crazily spiced up meat! Star on the heated floor, Red in her bed.dogs

By early spring of 2007 our freezer was full of new game and wondrous game sausages. One evening having dinner with my son and daughter-in-law Megan, such a wonderful person and a great help in the kitchen!


I started to comment on this sausage process and the outcome of all our work, “If the sausages are such a hit with you and your friends why don’t we make them for sale?”

Another challenge, and now we are the most respected sausage maker in Montana! How fortuitous we are living in a country that allows us the opportunity to create and bring our ideas to others so they can enjoy the product of our creation, like we do. Thanks Mom and Dad for coming to the USA!

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